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What you may want to bring:

  • Move In Daybedding (including sheets, blankets, and pillows), mattress cover or pad; extra-long sheets are not necessary
  • towels, washcloths, personal toiletries, etc
  • laundry and cleaning supplies
  • bike and/or rollerblades - there are great trails nearby
  • outdoor and/or camping equipment - groomed forest preserve trails just miles from campus; state parks and camping areas are within an hour
  • touchtone phone - each suite is assigned a phone number but phones and answering machines aren't provided; long distance access codes are available
  • mugs, cups, a few dishes and utensils, food storage containers, coffee maker
  • small refrigerator (less than 3 cu. feet)
  • computer

What you may NOT bring:

  • firearms, including airsoft and paintball guns
  • fireworks
  • small appliances (toaster ovens, microwaves, space heaters)
  • racially insensitive or offensive material (including posters, flags, decor, apparel, etc)
  • sexually explicit and/or offensive material (including posters, decor, apparel, etc)
  • material, clothing, or décor promoting, advertising, or depicting alcohol/drugs
  • candles, incense, exposed heating coils or other flammable items
  • street signs or stolen public property



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