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Trinity Christian College’s The Office of Learning Services, The OLS, is centrally located off the Molenhouse Student Center in the lower level of the Administration Building.  Along with the Cooper Center which provides career guidance and personal counseling services, this busy center provides confidential learning resources to the student body at large.

Peer tutoring for most college courses is available for all Trinity students.  In addition, academic coaches provide assistance with organizational and time management skills.  Supplemental Instruction is available for targeted science and math courses.

The OLS also provides disability and probationary services. The College’s Bridge Program, a late summer orientation for first year students with conditional acceptance is also offered through this office.

It’s not unusual for students at the college level as they transition into more independent learning and time management to realize they could be dealing with a learning disability or attentional disorder which wasn’t diagnosed in their K – 12 education.

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For information regarding disability services or resources to enhance academic progress, please contact:

Laura Davalos
Professor Laura Davalos
Director of The Office of Learning Services
708.239-4823 (fax)
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For information regarding peer tutoring or mentoring and supplemental instruction, please contact:


Samantha Kroese
Coordinator of Student Support Services
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