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South Hall West Hall

First Year Student Housing

In the First Year Residence Halls, students experience a supportive living environment with fellow first year students.

Residence life staff members promote a living experience that helps new students transition successfully into the Trinity community. They strive to know every student, they care about them as individuals, and they encourage a Christian way of being that nurtures a healthy social and academic life.

South and West Halls provide housing to 130 and 124 students, respectively. Suites house four roommates and offer two bedrooms, a large walk-in closet, a common entry area, and a bathroom. Other areas, like the modern and comfortable student lounges, provide a great space for building community and making friends, an important part of transitioning into college life.


Alumni Hall Tibstra Hall

Upper-Class Student Housing

As with freshmen, campus residency is also an integral part of the college experience for upper-class students. Trinity’s Alumni and Tibstra halls are home to sophomore, junior, and senior students as they immerse themselves in rigorous study and get involved with the many social and cultural activities available on campus.

Both halls offer suite-style living similar to apartment living. Spacious suites include walk-in closets, living rooms, and three section bathrooms. Tibstra Hall suites include a kitchenette/dining area. In addition, the second and third floors of Tibstra were remodeled in 2013 and feature full-sized kitchens.

Housing 197 and 140 students respectively, Alumni and Tibstra halls also provide classroom space, a student health center, computer labs, and study lounges. Residence life programs and activities nurture the close-knit relationships students form during college, relationships that support them as they pursue their education and discover God’s call on their lives.



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